Ways To Find Health Insurance For Pre-Existing Medical Condition

Can you get health insurance plan if you have pre-existing medical condition? In order to find health insurance for pre-existing condition, it is important to know some important facts that are mentioned in this article.

If you want to get the health insurance plan for pre-existing medical conditions,Guest Posting then there are certain details you will have to remember to avail such plans. With such information, it would be easier for you to find health insurance for pre-existing medical condition.

You should know what pre-existing condition exactly means for health insurance companies. Pre-existing medical condition means that if you have any existing medical ailments, disease or even pregnancy in 12 months before applying for any insurance plan, then you would come under the category of pre-existing medical condition. In such scenario, the insurance company may or may not accept your health insurance plan application. Even if your application is accepted, your health insurance cost may be higher or the company might try to exempt your existing ailment from the plan. Suppose you are suffering from any sort of heart problem, then the insurance company may grant you health insurance plan without covering your heart problem or may not give you such insurance plan.

There are certain ways how you can overcome this situation of pre-existing condition to find health insurance plan.

Group Health Insurance

If you avail the option of group health insurance plan, then you can easily get health insurance coverage irrespective of your pre-existing medical condition. You can also get the benefit of reduced insurance premium as the cost of health insurance coverage is subsidized for group insurance plans. If you are working in a big company and have pre-existing condition, then you can easily avail group health insurance plan sponsored by your employer.

Higher Deductible Health Care Insurance

The insurance companies are more prone to accept your health insurance application for greater deductible regardless of your pre-existing medical condition. Many health insurance applicants have managed to get the insurance plan using this tactic. But the exception here is that if you are suffering from chronic disease like HIV, cancer etc., you may be refused health insurance under higher deductible plan.

Less Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

There are many insurance companies who may offer you health insurance plan irrespective of your pre-existing condition. But the only exception is that you will discover that you will have lower health insurance benefit where insurance coverage is concerned. Such plan contains low comprehensive insurance coverage. These plans are also known as Limited Benefit plan. If you are not working in any company and can not avail group insurance plan, then you can opt for low benefit plan. But it is generally found that the cost of such plan is higher as compared to the benefits you will get regarding your health insurance coverage.

Regardless of any health insurance plan you acquire, it is advisable to read thoroughly such plan offered by the insurance company. You should convince yourself that the plan covers all aspect of your medical needs.